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Culinary and Hospitality

Cooking Up Tomorrow's Workforce


Aiding Our Youth for a Brighter Future


Gearing Up For Success

New Media

Creating a Creative Career Path

Global Business

Empowering Future Global Leaders


Innovating a Strong Workforce

C-H-A-N-G-E Academy Concept

Preparing the Next Generation

The C-H-A-N-G-E Academy concept is a four-year high school program in which cohorts of teachers and students establish strong relationships to support one another. Structured as a school within a school to foster a close family-like atmosphere, each Academy combines academic and technical career education with established business partnerships that highlight student achievements and positive postsecondary outcomes.

Live cooking demonstration featuring professional chefs and aspiring chefs in training.

High School Inc. Academies Foundation provides:

  • Leadership and career skills
  • Business and university tours
  • State and national competitions
  • Professional internships
  • Work-based service events
  • Industry mentors
  • Entrepreneurship Skills

Industry mentors, actively employed in their field, work side-by-side in strong collaboration with teachers to help students uncover their passion and aligning them with their skills and career interests to develop plans to help them reach their college and career goals.

Rockstar Coalition

So how does it break down? Let’s take a look…..

Santa Ana Unified School District

(SAUSD) provides education facilities and instructural staff

HSI Foundation

provides program staff and financial resources to support academic enrichment for all enrolled students

Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce

supplies connections necessary to recruit and retain business partners

Student Success