Our Mission
Our Mission

To empower youth and
strengthen communities
through education and
business partnerships.


EMPOWER STUDENTS TO ACHIEVE THEIR GREATEST POTENTIAL | For as little as 70 cents per day you have the opportunity to change a student’s life.

What We Do

Partnering for Success

High School Inc. partners with local businesses and community organizations to positively link social equity and economic values in school and at work.

The Foundation began by bringing six core college and career readiness academies into Santa Ana Valley High School to equip students with the skills, opportunities and relationships they need to succeed.

Now, we are expanding our offerings to two new school districts, introducing new pathways for student change. We are introducing both legacy and new academies at Century High School in Santa Ana and Magnolia High School in Anaheim and will help grow the Magnolia Agriscience Community Center (MACC) program, the first of its kind urban farm at Anaheim’s Magnolia High School.

Our Solution

The Making of a Movement

The only program of its kind in Orange County, High School Inc.
Academies Foundation is addressing the need in our local community with the
following key components:

Bridging the skills and jobs gap

College and career readiness programs

Adapting to changing labor markets

Our Impact

Over the Past Year


Academy Students Supported


High School Graduation Rate


Enrolled In College


Professional Internships




Students Received Mentorship


Industry Certifications Received


Job Placements


Students Participated in Project Based Activities


Fieldtrip Opportunities

Student Success Stories

The Future is Bright

Meet Julia

2019 Graduate: Valley High School New Media Academy.

Creating New Experiences on a Blank Canvas

Moving to a new city, let alone a new school can be overwhelming, especially for Julia, a shy, artistic, Las Vegas native. But that didn’t stop her from taking a blank canvas and creating a beautiful masterpiece of new experiences in the HSI New Media Academy.


Meet Long

2015 Graduate: Valley High School and High School Inc. Engineering Academy

Breaking the Mold

As a first generation high school graduate, Long knew he wanted to aspire to great things in his career to make his family proud. And he did just that by setting his intentions and goals to be successful in whatever he set his mind to. Long dedicated his time in high school to learning and growing, and enrolled in the High School Inc. Engineering Academy.


Meet Joshua

2018 Graduate: Valley High School & High School Inc. Culinary Arts Academy

Feeding His Passion for Serving Others

Resilience, dedication & drive are all words that describe this unique and talented young man. Joshua exudes a deep personal commitment in taking initiative and passion for making a difference in the quality of life for both his family and others. Joshua has always had a strong desire to help others, which inspired him to enroll into the HSI Culinary Arts Academy so he could learn to cook for his family. But it quickly became evident how much he enjoyed being in the kitchen and more importantly, how it made him feel being able to feed those he cared about around him.


Meet Lizbeth

2019 Graduate: Valley High School and High School Inc. Culinary Arts Academy

Inspiring Her Inner Chef

Even if people claim to have paved their own way, there is a strong chance that someone was there early on to set them on the right path or share sage advice. For Lizbeth, that someone came in the form of industry mentors for this introverted High School Inc. Culinary Arts Academy student.


Meet Jose

2015 Graduate: Valley High School Engineering Academy

The Power of Community!

The pandemic created many challenges for many students, including, Jose, High School Inc. Engineering Academy Alumni, who recently graduated from the University of Southern California Irvine (UCI) earning a biomedical engineering degree with a specialization in biophotonics.


Meet Amaryani

2021 Graduate: Valley High School Global Business Academy

Opening the Door to a World of Possibilities

Amayrani Bedolla, born and raised in Santa Ana is a rising 2021 High School Inc. Global Business Academy Graduate. Her desire to understand the details of starting and operating a business was a driving force that led her to choose to be part of the Global Business Academy (GBA). As part of the GBA, Amayrani participated in a variety of High School Inc. core initiatives including skilled competitions, one on one mentorships, internships, and Marketing Day!


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