Broadcast students review footage while editing a live recording studio.

In the Creative Classroom

In light of current ever-evolving technology, it’s critical for today’s high tech, high demand businesses to be equipped with a strong workforce. The High School Inc. New Media Academy offers a state-of-the-industry facility that includes a fully equipped computer lab, complete with Mac computers and Adobe Suite and Maya Animation Software. The classroom boasts an infectious, creative energy where students can engage with media professionals, gaining real-world experience and accessing a fully-functional video recording studio, including green screens, teleprompters, and cutting-edge video editing software (Final Cut Pro).

Outside of the Classroom

Behind the scenes, yes please! In addition to time spent in the creative classroom, New Media Academy students have a VIP backstage pass to visit businesses that rely heavily on new media technologies success. These rare behind the “green screen” experiences offer exposure to a variety of future career options within the field, often sparking new interests and confirming students’ college and career goals.

The main headline feature outside of the classroom is the opportunity for students to home in on their craft and have the community view their work. Through local and state competitions, new media participants are able to reveal their innovative techniques and creativity. In addition, students showcase their skills providing video and photography to local businesses and organizations.

Students get prepared to begin live taping by running through the script with fellow students.

Watch + Learn

New Media Certificates & Skills

Students can graduate from the New Media Academy with the following certificates:

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