Global business students put on a fundraiser for Valentine's Day with teddy bears and cards.

In the Global Classroom

Business plans, marketing strategies, start-ups, international trading, creating new products, corporate social responsibility, invention patents and launching global organizations, are all concepts that might seem foreign to some, but for the High School Inc. Global Business Academy, it’s everyday lingo.

Academy students also learn critical “soft skills” and are ready to take on the business world with confidence and professionalism. These skills include public speaking, overall business etiquette, effective hand-shaking, professional eye contact, dressing for success, and more. Participants leave this Academy with a thorough understanding of the global business industry, including an entrepreneurial mindset by learning how to start a successful company from the ground up on their own.

This Academy in particular is 1 of 17 Lighthouse Academies and 1 of 340 California Partnership Academies (CPA).

Outside of the Classroom

One key component that makes this Academy a success is the all-star business mentors that invest in our future workforce each week. Students get first-hand experience of the importance of industry guidelines by learning about current trends, new technologies, company standards, and the inner workings of a real Orange County business. from a dedicated and passionate group of community business partners.

But sometimes, the best way to fully understand the vision behind successful global organizations is seeing for yourself! Students have a passport straight into the boardroom thanks to current businesses graciously offering tours of business sites, offices, warehouses, manufacturing locations and other local organizations.

Global business students put on a fundraiser for Valentine's Day and facilitate purchasing and money transfer.

Watch + Learn

Global Business Certificates & Skills

Students can graduate from the Global Business Academy with the following certificates:

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