Our Vision

Our Vision

It’s simple! These two actions go hand in hand, allowing for a synergy like no other.

Male high school student working on automotive parts in an automotive garage.


high school students for the workforce of tomorrow, equipping them to be lifelong learners and future leaders who will positively impact the world.

Chef Curtis Stone stands with the High School Inc. Foundation Director and a young chef in training.


businesses with a future workforce equipped to increase productivity and profitability, stimulate job growth and encourage a sense of pride in local communities.

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Rockstar Collaboration

A Unique Partnership

A Unique Partnership joined forces in 2006 when members of the community had a vision to be a catalyst for social and economic change in Orange County. Those key founding partners included the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD). In 2012, High School Inc. Academies Foundation was developed to support the unique partnership. United together this Rockstar Collaboration is re-imagining education and creating the “CHANGE” to prepare our students for college, career, and life success.

Over the last decade

Over the last decade this dynamic combination of forces started with just 90 students and now serves over 1500 future workforce individuals! Through HSI Academies Foundation’s support of the C-H-A-N-G-E academies, students are graduating high school at a HIGHER RATE, with this past year being a 96% graduation rate!

Graduation Rate

our director

Meet our Executive Director

A Passionate Leader focused on celebrating students

A visionary leader, Felix Lugo has a sterling track record of more than 15 years in both public and private middle and high school education. With a dynamic background encompassing such diverse domains as student life, community service, internships, enrollment, marketing, fundraising, and residential programs.

Throughout his career, Felix has not only led various administrative departments but has also been a driving force in establishing entire educational institutions from the ground up. His innovative contributions have extended far beyond individual schools, as he has played a crucial role in enhancing staff development and significantly boosting student enrollment in high schools across the United States.

He holds a master’s degree in management from Warner University and a bachelor’s degree in health services administration from Monroe College. Eager to stay at the forefront of educational innovation, Felix has pursued additional training at esteemed institutions including Rockhurst University, Love & Logic Institute, The Association of Boarding Schools and Cross-Country Education.

Meet Our Team

Susan Davidson

College & Career Coach
Amy Rodriguez

Program Director
Christina Pham

College and Career Coach

Our Board

Lead the Movement

Leading the movement and momentum of the organization, is no other than a group of talented and dedicated rockstars that have devoted their time and expertise, as well as sharing their passion for bridging the gap here in Orange County. Our all-star lineup includes:

Donnie Crevier

Crevier Classic Cars

Chairman of the Board
Mark McLoughlin

J. Crain Corporation

Paula Garcia-Arsenault

Chase Bank

Vice President
Jack E. Oakes

Maximum Impact Education

Cory Youngberg

Hall & Company Tax, Financial & Management Consulting


Board of Directors

  • Matt Bays, Adaptive Shelters, LLC
  • Ronnie Bissland, Pacific Premier Bank
  • Peter Dorsch, KPC Health
  • Dave Elliott, Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce
  • Rodolfo Estay, Edwards Lifesciences
  • Jackie Garcia, Hire Ellas
  • Lori Irving, US Bank
  • Marshall Linn, Urban Futures Inc.
  • Leila Mozafarri, Community Leader
  • Ramiro Ochoa, Westport Properties, Inc.
  • Richard E. Porras, Community Leader
  • Rigo Rodriguez, Ph.D., SAUSD Board of Education
  • Brie Griset Smith, Inland Empire Community Foundation
  • Ivy Stein, Community Leader
  • Paul Walsh, Above the Line Insights, LLC


Investing in the Future Workforce

We’d like to sincerely say thank you to our incredible High School Inc. Academies Foundation business partners! We value each and every partnership, as it further supports the HSI mission to empower youth and strengthen communities through education and business partnerships:

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