Students in the Engineering Academy concentrate to put together mechanical projects.

In the Classroom

Another STEM industry being rocked by the constant demand of a skilled workforce is Engineering and Computer Science. HSI Academies Foundation is taking on this challenge in bridging the gap by equipping students in gaining knowledge in mechanical, as well as the beginning concepts of computer science. Academy students become proficient in SOLIDWORKS, an industry standard, cutting-edge software used for designing and manufacturing products. They also have the ability to earn a certification in SOLIDWORKS and learn the basics of coding in various programs.

Classrooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art, 3D prototyping printers, which enables students to see their ideas and design concepts materialize before their own eyes. Exploring their creative talents is encouraged by designing and building their own projects including: functioning skateboards, 3D CAD Models, robotic devices, and innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Outside of the Classroom

With Orange County being one of the largest areas for high technology manufacturing, such as aerospace, medical devices, biotechnology, and much more, global headquarters sit right in our own backyard! What better way for academy students to get up close and personal with the companies making strides in this industry than through powerful experiences of internships, site tours and mentorships.

Innovative opportunities in local and national STEM competitions are also a progressive way Engineering Academy students can participate in applying their true problem-solving, communication and collaborative skills. In addition, competitions allow students to create on-the-spot real-world solutions for robotics and coding challenges.

Engineering and computer science students gather in the gymnasium to cheer on the Valley High School Falcons.

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Engineering and Computer Science Certificates & Skills

Students have the ability to graduate from the Engineering and Computer Science academy with the following certificates:

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